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Adilicia Lenn Mathers
Gender Female
Weapon The Magic of King Solomon
Affiliation Goetia
Family Mathers/Solomon Family
Manga Yes
Anime Yes
Voice Actors
Japanese Takahashi Mikako
English None

Adilicia Lenn Mathers is the hereditary leader of the prestigious Mage Society Goetia and a descendant of King Solomon.

(Since Wikipedia JP has noted with reference at episode 13 of the anime, アディリシア is spelt as Adilicia, we shall keep it that way.)


A young high school girl with bright golden vertical locks and emerald eyes. She is usually clad in a jet-black robe and beret. It seems that the beret is her trademark.

In the anime however, the color of her usual clothes and beret are blue and she also wears the standard girls' uniform that Honami wears during school hours with an additional white beret.


She practices The Magic of Solomon which involves summoning demons of the Ars Goetia. Her family are descendants of King Solomon. She is capable of summoning at least 20 demons. She also has the capability of returning a demon back to their world by using an amulet. She was also one of the only people capable of summoning the demon Asmoday. She is also very aware of magic presence near her such as she is able to sense Itsuki magic string connection with Asmoday.


Adilicia is an arch-rival of Honami. When the two competed for the top seat at the "Academy" in England, Adilicia had to leave school to accede Goetia's leadership. Although they mutually admit their rivalry but deep down inside, they are friends.

In order to catch up with her father who had committed a taboo, she left for Japan. Since being the youngest leader in the history of Goetia, this has caused friction with The Association. With the help of Astral , Adilicia was able to suppress evidence of the Taboo committed by her father. During the Alchemist incident, she became a major shareholder, acquiring Judaix's 20% of the Astral's operations. After that incident, she frequently fights alongside the employees of Astral. She also tried to force Itsuki to sign a contract holding all major shareholders of Astral.

She is also in love with Itsuki and like Honami, is the first one to criticize him for his inability. She sits on the right of Itsuki in school. While she has a soft spot for frills and cute things like stuffed toys, she has no intuition for culinary skills.

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