"Astral is a mage association that offers Mage-Dispatch-Service,
currently helmed by Itsuki Iba. Below are the members affiliated with it."

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Sandwiched between buildings in Furube City lies Astral's headquarters, a small European-style mansion. From around the world globally, skillful mages are assembled in this association. According to the client's request, mages are dispatched from the company. 

Established by his father, Itsuki now helms in his place as president. At the time of its establishment as a company, where clients' requests are fulfilled, it is a thriving business then, that in a decade, has snagged a BBB rank.

However, ever since Tsukasa disappeared, things didn't go well for Astral. Without participating in the bid of the "Association", most of the revenue were earned through outsourced jobs from the fortune-telling center and the magazine. According to the "Association", Astral's ranking is nearly CCC; which is the lowest rank.