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who appear in the 'Rental Magica' light novel and anime series.

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"Astral is a mage association that offers
Mage-Dispatch-Service, currently helmed by Itsuki Iba.
Except for a few, most of the characters appear in the
anime as well."

Itsuki IbaNekoyashiki RenKuroha ManamiMikan KatsuragiHonami AmblerLapisOrtwin GrautzTsukasa IbaSekirenJudaix TholoideKagezakiMenu panel

"Goetia is a Magic Association, inherited and currently
helmed by Adilicia Lenn Mathers, the youngest to
become its leader in history."

Oswald Lenn MathersAdilicia Lenn MathersDaphneGaraMenu panel goetia

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