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Daphne profile
Gender Female
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Affiliation Goetia
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Anime Yes
Voice Actors
Japanese Kaida Yuuko
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Daphne is a loyal apprentice of Goetia, responsible for the maintenance of Goetia's residence in Furube City. Although Adilicia refers to her as the chief maid but Daphne prefers the title of steward. She later becomes Goetia's second in command.


Daphne is proficient in both the Magic of Solomon and Rune Magic.


Daphne is actually Adilicia's older sister (from a different mother). Daphne had been in the Mathers' residence since she was young and had the same blonde hair and green eyes as Adilicia, but finding it too similar, she used the colouring as a sacrifice to the Demons of Solomon. Daphne chose ivory hair and slate-coloured eyes so that she could continue to serve Goetia as Adilicia's protector while maintaining her identity as Adilicia's sister a secret. Daphne became romantically involved with Sekiren, while the two were investigating a magician that committed a taboo.