Fin Cruda
Gender Male
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Affiliation The Association,
Family N.A
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Anime Yes
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Fin Cruda(フィン・クルーダ) is a magician of The Association, who was sent to investigate a possible Taboo connected to Itsuki being hidden by Astral. He is a Celtic Mage.


A Changeling who sports short blonde hair and blue eyes.


Like Itsuki, Fin possesses the Glam Sight in his eyes, a gift bestowed upon him after returning from the land of Fairies. As a changeling his Glam Sight is geared towards knowing the desires of others that he may aid in their fulfillment and like Honami, he uses the Lost art of the Celts.


Fin met Honami during her Celtic magic field training and restored the dying Celtic magic together. He was much like a teacher to Honami.

He is also a member of the Dark Mage's Ophion and in the Dragon Incident, in order to fulfill Honami's wish, he unsealed the Dragon to which Itsuki is connected to in order to use it as a sacrifice in a ceremony that would remove the taint from Itsuki's Glam Sight eye. Fin's actions during the Dragon Incident were eventually thwarted by Astral and he fled Furube City before The Association could arrive.

Fin is next seen searching for Honami's grandmother, Hazel Ambler, in Venezia, where he encountered Sekiren and a magic duel ensues.

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