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Hazel Ambler
NoImg portrait
Gender Female
Affiliation Astral
Family Honami Takase Ambler(granddaughter)
Anime N.A
Voice Actors
Japanese Katsuyuki Konishi
English N.A

Hazel Ambler is one of the founding members of Astral and Honami's grandmother. According to Honami, her actual age is more than 90 years of age.


She is an expert in magical objects and is highly skilled in rune magic and witchcraft, thus being dubbed the "Witch of Witches". She also has the ability to take on the appearance of a cat, which she uses to maintain communication and advice with Astral members; as such, Mikan calls her 'Mr.Cat' since she doesn't know her identity.


She explains Itsuki's Glam Sight to Honami and is also one of the three people responsible for making his eye patch.

In the third part of the story, she takes Itsuki as a disciple to help train him to regain the power of his Glam Sight and he refers her as 'sensei'. She later reunites with her son Darius in London. However, despite being related as mother and son, their conversation is short and stiff.