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Itsuki Iba
伊庭 いつき
Itsuki profile
Gender Male
Weapon Glam Sight (technically used for defenses)
Affiliation Astral
Family Tsukasa Iba (father-missing)
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Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Jun Fukuyama,
Fuyuka Ōura (Young Itsuki)
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Itsuki Iba is Astral's kind and well-meaning second president, who inherited the title after his father, the first president Tsukasa Iba mysteriously disappeared.


He has boyish looks and black hair. He is usually clad formally in a black suit with tie as the president, otherwise he'd be in school uniform as a student. He wears a black eye patch over his right eye.


Itsuki possesses Glam Sight (妖精眼, fairy eye) in his right eye which, when used, allows him to see magic and its weaknesses, control the flow of spell-waves and even peer into the memories of magic users who do battle against it. Itsuki's Glam Sight is extremely painful for him to use. Given his lack of formal training in its use, it is extremely dangerous to his well-being. Frequently, Itsuki's use of Glam Sight results in him receiving spell-wave contamination, the magical equivalence of radiation poisoning. When Itsuki uses his Glam Sight, his personality becomes more dominant and his confidence is boosted. However, when the Glam Sight is sealed by the eye-patch, he reverts back to his original tender personality.

Itsuki's Glam Sight differs from the normal Glam Sight, as its power is substantially amplified, and a mysterious voice can be heard during magical incidents, warning Itsuki of danger and providing analysis that Itsuki himself is unable of providing. Itsuki's Glam Sight was changed, when as a child, he and Honami ventured into a Haunted house, whereupon they encountered an infant Dragon and Itsuki's exposure to the Dragon's true form resulted in the tainting of his Glam Sight.

Itsuki is also learning Gogyouken(五行拳) from Sekiren but otherwise, has no talent for magic.


After the Haunted house incident, Itsuki's memories of the event were subsequently sealed away as a result of the past or magical connection, between himself and the infant Dragon. There is a barrier that the first-generation Astral members Judaix, Hazel, Sekiren, Kashiwara and Nekoyashiki erected to seal the Dragon away. Since The Dragon Incident arc, his memories of the event have returned a little.