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Judaix Tholoide
Gender Male
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Affiliation Astral
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Anime Yes
Voice Actors
Japanese Hiroki Yasumoto
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Judaix Tholoide is a founding member of Astral and a former board member.


Judaix had dark magenta hair, with bangs that hovers his eyes and forehead. He is usually clad in white robes, black pants and shoes. He also wears gloves.


Judaix is a mechanical doll (Automaton) that was repaired by Tsukasa Iba. He is an alchemist of prodigious talent; one of the three people responsible for making Itsuki's eye patch and the first of Astral's original members to respond to the initial Dragon incident that left Itsuki's Glam Sightchanged. After Tsukasa disappeared, he left Astral in order to pursue his investigation of Tsukasa's disappearance and also to advance his research.

During the Alchemist Incident, Judaix engages in a Fehde, a magical duel, with Itsuki and its current Astral members in order to obtain Tsukasa Iba's grimoire. After that, he left for Egypt with his familiar, Lapis. His leaving Astral is under examination by The Association. He later reappears again in London during the Ophion incident.

He later relates to Itsuki and company about the details of the conflict between Ophion and Astral which took place 12 years ago. In the third part of the story, he created a contact lens for Itsuki to suppress his Glam Sight.