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Gender Female
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Affiliation Astral
Family N.A
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Anime Yes
Voice Actors
Japanese Nazuka Kaori
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Lapis is a homunculus familiar created by Judaix Tholoide; whom she addresses as "older brother" in honorifics.


A young girl with red long hair and fair skin, with features of European descent and blue eyes. Though she may appear to look like a 12 year old, her actual age is in fact 6 years of age.


She possess the Evil Eye which allows her to rob the vision of one who looks at it.


In the anime, it was shown that the eye belonged to a Basilisk. Her favorite food is Bamboo Sweet Bean Jelly, which she tried on her first encounter with Itsuki. Her room has no personal belongings except for the bamboo tube and business card which she received from Itsuki, are carefully placed on a desk. Although she does not show it, she is capable of human thoughts, emotions and bonds of affection.

She appears again with Judaix in London during the Ophion incident. In the third part of the story, with encouragement from Nekoyashiki and Honami, she joins Astral as a supplementary employee in the Alchemist Division. Similarly to Mikan and Manami, through the influence of Glam Sight, her abilities improve by leaps and bounds. Recently, she is also engaged in watching TV dramas and uses various words that perplexes Itsuki.