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Kuroha Manami
黒羽 まなみ
Manami Kuroha
Gender Female
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Affiliation Astral
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Anime Yes
Voice Actors
Japanese Shizuka Itou
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Manami Kuroha is Astral's latest apprentice and its only ghost member.


Kuroha has long hair and wears a hair band with some bangs down. She is usually clad casually and is able to change her outward appearance at will. Though notably, starting from episode 16, she spends most of her time in a maid outfit.


Kuroha's abilities include poltergeist and apport, which she practises as she performs her duties; like cleaning the office and serving tea. She also studies hard, yearning to be a part of the team.

Her abilities prove to be useful to some extent, as seen in certain episodes, namely The Legend of The Mermaid episode, where she was the sole member to accompany and assist Itsuki during the course of the event, when the other Astral members could not reach or support them. In the episode of The Flower That Blooms On The Dead, she managed to harness her skills during impending danger, as well as to support and protect her team members.


Kuroha remembers nothing of her existence before her death except her name. Itsuki met and recruited Kuroha in a hospital where Astral was dispelling a spell-wave contamination arising from a taboo, saving her from being consumed by a Soul-Eater.