Rental Magica manga titles and brief synopsis. Source is referenced from Japanese site.

  • Rental Magica (5 volumes) - (Available in digital format too)
  • Rental Magica from SOLOMON (2 volumes)
Although the 'Rental Magica' manga is based on the light novels, however some modification is applied. 'Rental Magica from SOLOMON' is a spin-off series based on the perspective of Adilicia, who plays the leading role in this series' spin-off.

(Selected manga titles are available in Chinese(traditional) versions at and Kadokawa Taiwan)

Title: Rental Magica  Author: Narimiya Akiho
Volumes and Released Dates

Vol.1 - 2007年 05月 17日
With the disappearance of his father, Itsuki Iba inherits ASTRAL, A mage dispatch service organization. Forced to ascend as the next president, what becomes of Itsuki's destiny?


Vol.2 - 2007年 10月 17日
"If I don't become the president, ASTRAL would collapse!" -- The survival of ASTRAL depends on Itsuki. Their business rival is major organization Goetia, led by Adilicia. Furthermore this time, ASTRAL's job isn't an ordinary one. Their enemy is Oswald Lenn Mathers, "the mage who failed to become magic", aka Adilicia's father. Itsuki's "Fairy Eye" activates.


Vol.3 - 2008年 4月 17日
A variety of people gathers -- A meeting with a young, beautiful girl at the hospital, a visit from a beautiful Diana for a job request and a handsome lad Fin, who has come to visit Honami. Not to mention as well, Itsuki and Adilicia. As usual, Itsuki faces Honami's wrath. Will this time's 'rental' be resolved safely?


Vol.4 - 2009年 1月 17日
A comrade or an enemy? "The Dragon and The Mage" Arc. Fin Cruder visits ASTRAL as an observer from The Association. Itsuki senses Fin's unusual charm and is kidnapped by him. What is Fin's objective? ASTRAL faces its biggest crisis.


Vol.5 - 2009年 8月 24日
A strong enemy appears. Once a member of ASTRAL, Judaix Tholoide, objects against Itsuki's role of president. A magic duel ensues over the inheritance of Tsukasa Iba between Itsuki and ASTRAL's founding member Judaix. Do not miss the manga finale!

Title: Rental Magica from SOLOMON

Author: Makoto2号
Volumes and Released Dates

Vol.1 - 2007年 10月 26日
As a substitute to his father's disappearance, Itsuki Iba succeeds his father's legacy, ASTRAL. In the days of confusion, Itsuki meets Goetia's leader Adilicia, with whom he faced hardships with. A story of a young witch and her comrades.


Vol.2 - 2008年 04月 26日
Adilicia struggles through her feelings towards her father and her responsibilities as the leader of Goetia, as she is torn between the fate of being the princess of Solomon, as well as her feelings for Itsuki. Will she be successful with her father's will and her destiny with Itsuki?