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Mikan Katsuragi
葛城 みかん,
Gender Female
Weapon Shintoism
Affiliation Astral
Family Katsuragi Family
Manga Yes
Anime Yes
Voice Actors
Japanese Rie Kugimiya
English None

Mikan Katsuragi is a contract employee for Astral and Shinto specialist. She is part of the Katsuragi, an old and world-renowned family of Shinto practitioners.


She's a primary student who is usually seen clad in a white & red shrine maiden's attire. She has light-pink hair tied in twin tails and has green eyes.


Mikan is a shrine maiden. Due to her lineage she can perform spells that are unique to the Katsuragi family. She is even shown to be capable of becoming a Saniwa and is shown to calm gods.


She came to Astral through Nekoyashiki, after she had ran away from home and encountered him. It seems that when she was younger, Mikan had a dark personality. When Tatsumi heard about the current Mikan, he was lightly surprised. She is the youngest of Astral's members and refers to the others as family, despite their lack of blood relation. She is extremely afraid of Kagezaki. Mikan's side jobs include writing charms and conducting various ceremonies.

She passed her primary school and seemed to do well in a few subjects. Since young, she was brought up reading Paleography and always has a perfect score for the language subject. According to Honami's evaluation, Mikan's standards are close to that of a professor. In fact, Mikan doubles as a private tutor to Adilicia, who is poor in Paleography. However, the same could not be said for her maths and science, since her results for both are devastating.

Mikan left the Katsuragi household in order to prove that she was not merely her talented older sister, Kaori Katsuragi's substitute; this feeling and her relationship with the Katsuragi family was resolved in the Oni Incident (The Ogre Festival), where she comes to a mutual understanding with her sister.
In the anime however, her sister is protective of her and they were shown resolving the Ogre Festival together with their combined skills, along with some help from Astral and Adilicia. It was also revealed that their grandmother had initially wanted to exhaust Mikan's power through her sacrifice during the purification of the ogre.
According to Nekoyashiki, Astral's bid has risen to that of a Special A-rank during the course of the Ogre Festival. Mikan returns with her Astral members after the resolve.

Mikan initially hates Ortwin due to the stress from the administrative work that he has given her. However, as she gets familiar with him, she starts to call him "Oru-kun".

In the third part of the story, she is in her 4th year and already has a tremendous improvement in her abilities. She also needs to have her shrine maiden attire tailored to her new stature, since she has grown quite a bit.

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