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Nekoyashiki Ren
猫屋敷 蓮
Ren Nekoyashiki
Gender Male
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Affiliation Astral
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Anime Yes
Voice Actors
Japanese Junichi Suwabe
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Ren Nekoyashiki (Nekoyashiki Ren) is the executive director and Onmyoudou expert of Astral. As his name suggests, Nekoyashiki is an Onmyouji that like cats and is the only member of Astral referred to in a formal tone.


He uses four cat Shikigami, or Shikineko as his familiars: (named after the Four Symbols) to perform his magic though not required for him to do battle.

  • Seiryu (Azure Dragon of the East, 青龍) - a smart Tabby cat.
  • Byakko (White Tiger of the West, 白虎) - A mischievous white cat.
  • Suzaku (Vermillion Bird of the South, 朱雀) - a self-indulgent & moody calico cat.
  • Genbu (Black Tortoise of the North, 玄武) - a black cat that's fat & always sleeping. The likely reason being fat was due to the premium cat food that was fed by Tsukasa previously.

These cats were picked up by a young Nekoyashiki as kittens that were about to die in the rain.


He's the youngest member of the first generation of Astral and is the only member to remain full-time. Nekoyashiki writes for a magazine as a side job and when he was young, he was a part of a number of organizations, including a large family of Onmyoudou practitioners that he was to inherit. At one stage he founded his own organization, naming it after himself; Nekoyashiki meaning "cat mansion".

Nekoyashiki was in the business of laying curses before he was scouted by Sekiren and is approximately thirty years old.

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