The Oni Incident


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Mikan's Life Spared

Oni successfully calmed

Suzuka allows Mikan to stay in Astral


Katsuragi Family, Astral Members and Shintoist

The Oni Incident Edit

The Oni Incident is an event that occured during Rental Magica. Mikan's grandmother Suzuka Katsuragi took Mikan and used her as sacrifice for the Oni Ritual a ritual held by the Katsuragi Family to keep the Oni from destroying their lands.

Mikan's Hiding Edit

Nekoyashi was missing during that time and they went looking for him. They found him along with Mikan's Sister Kaori was trying to hide Mikan from Suzuka knowing that she would be sacrifice. Suzuka managed to track them down becaus Itsuki was placed by a trace.

Ritual Begins Edit

As the ritual began Kaora tried to save Mikan from the Oni but was joined by the Oni. Since the Oni's horns were its life force Suzuka and her shintoist tried to destroy them but were only successful with one. Itsuki and Honami tried to hold on the Oni as long as they could. But then Addilicia appears and summons the demon Sabnock to cut of the last of the Oni's Horns. Soon the Oni was gone and because Suzuka did not know the dangers she allowed Mikan to stay in Astral.