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Iba Tsukasa
伊庭 司
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Gender Male
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Affiliation Astral
Family Itsuki Iba(Son)
Manga N.A
Anime Yes
Voice Actors
Japanese N.A
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Iba Tsukasa is Astral's founder and its first president. The last of the Fairy Doctors, he is referred to as "the magician that does not use magic" and went missing seven years ago before his son, Itsuki, became president.


In the illustration, he wears glasses and has his hair pulled back, with some bangs over his forehead.


Tsukasa is like a child with a nice personailty, reputed as a characteristic mixture of a clown and a knight. Usually, when he wasn't working, he'd indulge in 1-player games on the Super Famicon, Game Boy and puzzle magazines. He even has a line model in the office.


Tsukasa does not have any magical talent but he has the Gogyouken skill, a form of normal martial arts, that exceeds Itsuki's and shares a similar combat style with him, in that they both give the same command when invoking Glam Sight - "President's command!". Though physically like any other human, he uses supplementary techniques to enable himself to see spirits like Kuroha and fend off attacks by Ortwin or Poltergeist activities.


12 years ago in Furube City, he had fought with Ophion over the dragon. More than 20 years ago, he found Judaix in Prague, which was then decaying and missing parts. Although it was sold at a high price, Tsukasa bought him willingly. After that, for over 3 years, Tsukasa collected his parts from over the world and with the blueprint, restored Judaix personally. In the third part of the story, he is in slumber at the mountains of South Asia, due to a time dimension that have stopped. However, at the end of "The White Mage"(light novel) Sekiren found him.

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