Food & Snacks in anime

I looked up for this dessert since I was curious about it ever since I saw it in the anime! ^^ Though I'd share it here since we don't have a trivia page and it doesn't seem necessary to have one either since there isn't much trivia from the anime to begin with^^" Not much trivia to be found actually haha. Well, remember tht dessert that Itsuki bought to cheer himself up before he met Lapis, who ate quite a few after that?! Yep ^^ That dessert or snack is known as:

Bamboo Sweet Bean Jelly

  • Noted as a taste of summer and known as Kyoto's Bamboo Water Jelly(たけみずようかん),it is made of muscovado(unrefined sugar made from the juice of sugar cane) and Azuki beans. This snack is shown during Itsuki and Lapis' first encounter. pic1 pic2

There's the dry yokan (ようかん) that we see in some other anime as well, I didn't take note whether it is served as a dessert to guests or not in Rental Magica but it's usually or seems the typical snack/food served to guests who visit homes. Usually, served with green tea, it looks blockish and comes with either green tea flavour or red bean. There are other variety as well but these two mentioned are the pretty common ones and can be found in the Japanese section in local supermarkets.

Have a look at the variety of yokan at here.